Austin Community College
High School Programs Orientation

How SAP Can Impact You

Example: Student 1 & 2

  • Student 1: takes two classes, completes both and makes two "B's"
  • Student 2: takes two classes and makes one "B" and Withdraws from the other (receives a "W" on their official transcript).

What impact can SAP have on Student 1 and Student 2?

  • Student 1: 3.0 GPA with a 100% Completion Rate - Great! No impact.
  • Student 2: 3.0 GPA with a 50% Completion Rate - GPA is okay, but Completion Rate is below the required 67%.

Student 2 will need to meet with a HS Programs Advising & Completion Specialist. They may not be eligible to continue at ACC or be eligible for financial aid until Completion Rate meets the 67% requirement.