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TSI/Skills requirements, Prerequisites

All college credit courses at ACC will typically require some combination of TSI/college readiness Skills (Reading, Writing, & Math).

Students will only be approved into college credit courses for which they meet required TSI/college readiness Skills.

For example, if a student wishes to register for ECON-2301 Principles of Macroeconomics or a MATH course, which require eligible students be TSI complete/college ready in Reading, Writing, and Math skill areas, but they are only college-ready in Reading & Writing skills, then they will not be approved and should not register for those courses.

Students must also be aware of and adhere to college course Prerequisites, where applicable.

For example, a student cannot register for SPAN-2312 Spanish III without having either transcripted college credit for SPAN-1411 Spanish I & SPAN-1412 Spanish II -OR- applicable credit-by-exam via completion of a CLEP, AP, or IB test

*HS Programs Enrollment & Outreach and Advising & Completion team members are available to assist students with any questions regarding TSI/Skills and course Prerequisite questions!