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Student Accessibility Services (SAS)

  • There is a Student Accessibility Services (SAS) office at each ACC campus.
  • If you have a disability, contact the SAS office at the campus that's most convenient for you.
  • Once you qualify for services, Accessibility Services staff meets with you to determine reasonable, appropriate, and effective accommodations based on the courses in which you're enrolled and your disability.
  • Accommodations received in high school as determined by a 504 coordinator/counselor do not always transfer over and/or apply to higher education:Differences between HS & College for Students with Disabilities
  • All students must complete the SAS process to receive accommodations for ACC courses regardless of where the class is held, i.e. at an ACC campus or an approved HS location.

When you are ready to request accommodations, schedule an appointment with Student Accessibility Services at your chosen campus.

Accommodations are reviewed & determined each semester based on the courses you take.